Number of Hats Donated to date:  36,463

Safety is definitely most important right now, but kindness is very much needed right now in the world. DEHH is all about kindness so, I’m thinking about a phased start up for DEHH. Kozy Kovers for Kids is still suspended for the foreseeable future.

There will be some things that have to change…..things that I have no control over and things I am asking for my own safety.


1. NO LIBRARY DROP OFFS. I can’t stress that enough.
DO NOT put hats in the book drops….they will be thrown away. Libraries are closed and will be for quite a while. They will NOT be getting transit in as they used to and it is going to take a very long time before libraries are back to normal.


2. Please do NOT make hats if you or anyone you have been in contact with is sick. This should be the general rule anyway, but it is even more important now.


3. Use ONLY machine wash/dry yarn for the foreseeable future. Patients will want to wash the hats as soon as they get them. NO wool or hand wash only items.


4. Please WASH all hats prior to mailing them to me. This is for my own safety. I’m immuno-compromised and if I get sick, DEHH stops completely. (I’m kind of important to my family too, so please do this!) Please wash, dry and then immediately box your hats to send. Please include a note saying that you washed them so I know they do not need to be discarded.


5. Hats may or may not be photographed or tagged depending on how many hats come in. The goal is to get hats in and shipped out to places who will accept them quickly……not to have them stored here for any length of time. I know that you understand and are not making hats for the purpose of getting credit for them, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew.


6. Donating locally is fabulous! Don’t hesitate to donate to a center close to you if they can use them rather than sending things to me. Our numbers just do not matter this year at all! All items will need to be mailed to me directly (DEHH 202 Acorn Forest Dr., Felton, DE 19943) or donated in person to a center accepting items. 


7.  Email me at if you have any questions at all. I usually respond within 24 hours.


** Please realize that NO ONE is under any obligation to send hats to DEHH. If people send in unwashed hats or hats that can’t be machine washed, they will have to be discarded. If that starts to happen, I will shut down operations again. I am not trying to make things difficult for anyone. I am taking a risk with my own health with this by going to the post office and allowing many more things in my home. Please respect the rules and work with me. **

If donating by check, please make the check out to “Robin Agar”. 

I do not have a business account and can not deposit checks made to Delaware Head Huggers. 

Thank you!